Frumpy Live

Das Album

'Frumpy Live' was recorded on 28th Sept. 1971 in Hamburg, 11th December 1971 in Bielefeld and on 9th April 1972 in Bünde/ Westfalia. The band had grown to a a quintet from their second album onwards and guitarist Rainer Baumann - who died on 14th November 2007 - played on the documented tour. He added some incredible solos on tracks like the bluesy "To My mother", a title that has never been released until the live album. Baumann and keyboardist Kravetz complemented each other perfectly. Frumpy toured extensively throughout Europe during the early seventies and won much critical praise for their very bluesy Rock, most notably in England.

  1. Keep On Going
  2. Singing Songs
  3. Backwater Blues
  4. Duty
  5. To My Mother
  6. Release
  7. Care Of Illusion
  8. Duty
  9. Floating


Year: 1972
Customer: Philips
Project: Frumpy